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Yellow Wood Chiropractic provides a safe and effective solution to restoring your function. Without the traditional cracking, popping, or twisting, Yellow Wood Chirorpractic offers a refreshing change from traditional chiropractic adjustments. Utilizing the latest technology and specific, individualized analysis, we are able to perform precision, gentle corrections to the upper cervical spine that has full body effects. Light touch, BIG impact is the mantra we strive to achieve.

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Learn More About Yellow Wood Chiropractic:

  • Upper cervical specific chiropractor
  • Digital radiography
  • Infrared thermography instrumentation
  • Posture analysis



Health problems that have responded well to upper cervical chiropractic corrections: Allergies, Asthma, Back pain, Constipation, Depression, Digestive problems, Ear infections, Flu symptoms, Headaches, Hip pain, Indigestion, Infertility, Leg pain, Loss of sleep, Migraine headaches, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle spasms, Neck pain, Numbness, Pain (chronic), Shoulder pain, Sinus problems, Tight muscles, Whiplash

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